What Does Trafficking Look Like in Colombia?

In Colombia, poverty drives the sex industry. Refugees and impoverished women/children are sexually exploited, where freedom from pimps is difficult and dangerous. Although the Department of State has listed Colombia as a Tier 1 Country in the 2022 Trafficking of Persons Report, meaning their government fully meets the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA)’s minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, in reality - trafficking is rampant. It is easy for trafficking to thrive there, as many of the laws are not enforced, especially in impoverished, high risk areas in major metros as well as rural areas that are occupied by rebel/militia forces.
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Our Partner - Conviventia

Our main partner in Colombia is Conviventia, where survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation receive technical training to so they can leave the sex trade and generate income. They receive physical needs of shelter and food, as well as psychological, social, and spiritual counseling.
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