What Does Trafficking Look Like in Nepal?

In Nepal, prostitution is illegal and is included under the legal definition of human trafficking. We commonly see poverty-driven prostitution and sexual exploitation. Trafficking is usually from Nepal to major metros in neighboring countries, like India. The Department of State has listed Nepal as a Tier 2 Country in the 2022 Trafficking of Persons Report, meaning their government does not fully meet the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA)’s minimum standards but are making significant efforts to bring themselves into compliance with those standards. The report also states that, “although the government had national standards for care of trafficking victims, referral efforts remained ad hoc and inadequate,” showing a need for organizations to provide quality care for survivors.
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Our Partner - Asha Nepal

Asha Nepal provides immediate and long-term care for women who have been trafficked, abused, or are at high-risk. They holistically care for each survivor, based on their unique needs, and help them rebuild their lives socially, emotionally, and economically. This enables them to enjoy lives of safety, independence, and dignity as valued members of their community. By working in-depth with whole families, Asha Nepal seeks to create sustainable change for generations to come. When Hilltop of Hope “Returns the Daughters of Nepal” from India, we often connect them with Asha Nepal, so they can be safely reintegrated into their community.
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