Ditya's Story

Date: December 12, 2022
Est. Reading: 1 minute

Today we prayer walked the red-light district of Ghatkopar. We encountered 55 year old Ditya. She was 15 when she was trafficked and sold into prostitution. Ditya never married. As a victim of sexual exploitation, she became pregnant many times, but the child was always aborted. To her own horror she has lost track of the number of abortions she has had. After 35 years as a victim of sexual exploitation, she felt she had no hope of a new life. When she was young, her madams and pimps would steal all her money. For the past 15 years, she has been paying her debt to her madam but the debt keeps increasing and freedom is not in sight. One day, she met people from Hilltop of Hope who shared the love of Jesus with her. Ditya accepted Jesus as her Savior. She now desires to be baptized and follow Jesus in obedience. She is a “daughter of Nepal” and dreams of returning to her family in Nepal. Pray that God will continue to intervene in her life and break all bondages from her past.

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