Our Story & Strategy

Why Hilltop of Hope Started

For years, we had been sharing the Gospel and building relationships with people in India. As we got to know the local struggles with human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and a cycle of poverty, we realized that the strongholds in the area were greater than we realized and were centuries-old. Particularly in the red-light areas, women and children often did not know a way out or what freedom tasted like. But the Lord had spurred a fire in us to keep returning and praying for these women. Some of the local believers in India who initially had a prejudice against these women started softening their hearts towards those trapped in the red-light districts. They came to us asking for a partnership.

They realized a key solution to truly helping the women find freedom - share Christ's love with them and teach them to make a purposeful living outside the red-light district.
What can only be described as a divine calling is why Hilltop of Hope started in 2018 - to help women find true freedom with a new way of thinking, living, and loving.

We welcome women who want to come into a restorative community where they are loved unconditionally and discipled. We teach them viable marketable skills in making quality, designer-style bags which goes a long way toward real, sustainable transformation. Initially, we thought the women would want to return quickly to their homes, however, they are so excited about Jesus that their desire is to go back into the red-light districts to spread the Gospel with others! We look forward to watching how God continues to unfold the beautiful story that we are humbled to be a part of.

Our Strategy to Help Survivors of Human Trafficking

Through Spirit-fueled Gospel ministry and trusted partners, we lovingly build relationships with women desperate for freedom who become part of the Hilltop of Hope community.
Using story-based trauma-informed discipleship, we help survivors through the healing process and cultivate their spiritual growth.
We help women rebuild vital and healthy relationships while teaching them life-giving economic skills: making handbags along with their survivor sisters.
Our Mission
Through a unique, integrated disciple-making model, we rescue, redeem, and restore individuals from the darkest, most extreme red-light areas around the world, providing the hope of Christ to some of the world’s most marginalized people.
Our Vision
We envision entire families and communities transformed through faith in Christ with a new way of thinking, a new way of living, and a new way of loving as cycles of marginalization are broken.

Our Values

Spirit-fueled and Spirit-led
In doing Kingdom work, we are facing opposition from the enemy daily. We seek guidance from the Holy Spirit in all we do.
The Gospel is at the heart of all we do and we believe it is Jesus Christ who brings about true freedom.
Reproducible multiplication-based tools
We aim to create a model that can be used globally to rescue survivors, who can then share the Gospel with others and make disciples of Jesus.
Strong partnerships with local teams
We work with trusted local partners who live in the culture and best understand local needs and resources.
Integrity and transparency
We answer to the Lord Almighty and believe that we must be honorable and truthful in all our services and communication.
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