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Prayer moves mountains. Cry out to The Lord with us - that He would cover and guide us in this life-changing work. Here are a few prayer requests we currently have:
The Holy Spirit to lead and guide this ministry to fulfill the call of God to bring the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ to red-light districts around the world.
The Holy Spirit to raise up Gospel leaders who have been redeemed themselves from the sex trade industry (Red-Light Background Believers, or RBBs).
The Holy Spirit to cause sex trade workers to receive those who are bringing The Gospel of Christ to their area; that the sex trade workers eyes, ears, and hearts would be opened, allowing them to receive the salvation of Christ for themselves.
For RBBs and Pastors to begin to disciple new sex trade believers, and form House Churches and places of worship in red-light districts.
For Hilltop of Hope to provide shelter and funding for those wanting to leave the sex trade industries and to return to their villages and families.

Let Hilltop of Hope Fulfill Your Next Community Project

Contact us to design and produce a quality product for your next church, Bible study or nonprofit event. The design process is done in the US and upon approval, we will send to Hilltop of Hope survivors to create the products for your upcoming event or organization. We have done pencil bags, bookmarks, and backpacks for local ministries. Fill out the Community Project Interest Form below to submit your request and find out availability and pricing.
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