Taking the Power of the Gospel into Red-light Districts

Help survivors experience a new way of thinking, living, and loving!

Millions of women are trapped in some of the Earth's darkest places: red-light districts.

Whether it is through human trafficking, sexual exploitation, or a cycle of poverty that has led to desperation, these women experience daily rejection and hopelessness.

At Hilltop of Hope, we believe every individual working in a red-light district deserves to hear the Gospel and experience physical rescue, spiritual redemption, and complete restoration.

And with your support, this change is possible!

How Our Ministry Works in Red-light Districts

Through Spirit-fueled Gospel ministry and trusted partners, we lovingly build relationships with women desperate for freedom who become part of the Hilltop of Hope community.
Using story-based trauma-informed discipleship, we help survivors through the healing process and cultivate their spiritual growth.
We help women rebuild vital and healthy relationships while teaching them life-giving economic skills: making handbags along with their survivor sisters.

How Can You Help Restore Lives?


Join us in prayer for the work of Hilltop of Hope and the women we serve. Faithful prayer support aligns our heart to God’s!


Your financial gift helps us reach more women and children in the red-light districts by sustaining our everyday work.


Buy one of our stylish survivor-made handbags or other curated products and enjoy a statement piece for years to come.

Stories of Rescue

  • At age 24, I convinced myself that selling my body certainly couldn’t be worse than starving to death, but I was wrong. Life in an Indian brothel kept my body fed, but my spirit withered as the years passed.

    One day at the market I met Recha, who used to work in the red-light district. This former prostitute told me about Jesus, the God who could remove my sin and shame. She took me to Hilltop of Hope, where I am learning how to read, to sew, and to walk daily with Jesus my savior. My sisters in Christ at Hilltop of Hope care for my new infant son, while I sew bags and share Jesus with women who remain enslaved in sex trafficking.
  • Born in a poor, small village, my family arranged a marriage for me when I was just 10 years old. When I became pregnant with my first child, I hoped giving my husband a son would earn his favor. Alas, the child was a girl, and, enraged, my husband threw me out. I desperately tried to provide for my newborn daughter, but without work, food was impossible to come by. The next thing I knew, I was being sold into prostitution. Lost and confused, unable to even speak the local language, I was sold again and again, trapped in slavery.

    By the grace of God, I became connected with the Hilltop of Hope ministry. Now I am learning to sew and make bags so that I can earn a dignified income to support myself and my three children. I am also learning about the love of the Savior.
    S. M.
  • The Hilltop of Hope team met Sancha while sharing the gospel. She is half paralyzed, and her hands don’t work properly. Because of they were afraid no one would marry her, her parents had her married at the age of 16 to an older man who was about 45 years old.

    Today she has a 13 yr old daughter, and her husband is very old. She is the only one who can provide income for the family. She says that she has to sell her own body for some money. However, she has accepted Christ and believes that God will surely open the doors for her and her daughter. Please keep Sancha and her daughter in your prayers. Sancha wants her daughter to live a better life - a normal life that everyone lives, and not the one she is currently living.
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With Your Support, the Gospel Is Changing Lives!




Complete Restorations*


Handbags Made & Sold

*At Hilltop of Hope, we define complete restoration as "living as a redeemed follower of Jesus who is able to function in healthy ways, such as making a living and raising a family, without abuse".

Who is Hilltop of Hope?

We are a social enterprise driven with the goal of restoring the lives of women and children in red-light districts through the power of the Gospel.
Because many survivors have experienced deep trauma and broken relationships, we use a story-based trauma-informed discipleship program to bring healing and restored relationships.
By working closely with national partners, local authorities, and trusted nonprofits, we make sure those rescued are safe and properly cared for.
Through the creation of stylish handbags and other curated products, survivors re-develop a sense of purpose, learn valuable life skills, and have a source of income.
About Us


A red-light district is an area of a city or country where many prostitution and sex-oriented businesses, such as strip clubs, prostitution, and sex shops are often found.
Currently, Hilltop of Hope works in red-light districts in Nepal, India, and Colombia. For the safety of our team, we do not disclose the specific areas.
There are places in the world where red-light districts are legal, particularly in some European countries. In India, while private prostitution is legal, public prostitution - including brothels and red-light districts, are illegal, but the laws are rarely enforced. In Colombia, although prostitution is legal, there are still many risks and dangers for those working in the sex industry. It is easy for trafficking to thrive there, as many of the laws are not enforced. In Nepal, prostitution is illegal and is included under the legal definition of human trafficking. In all three countries that we operate in, children are often trafficked due to poverty or organized crime.
In our relationship-based model, we go into the red-light districts to get to know the women. We engage in conversation, share the love of Christ, and if a woman is ready to leave, we work with local organizations and people in our network to help her get to safety, where she can heal.
Our two main partners are Asha Nepal and Conviventia, both of which help women on their healing journey after they have left prostitution or are rescued from trafficking situations. Please visit our Team & Partners page for more information.

You Can Help Restore the Life of Someone in a Red-light District!

Many women and children are trapped in human trafficking or a cycle of poverty and sexual exploitation, particularly in red-light districts, some of the darkest places on Earth.

At Hilltop of Hope, we bring the Gospel to these women and help them experience redemption and restoration.

We invite you to help us bring restoration to these dark places by supporting us in prayer, giving a donation, or purchasing a stylish survivor-made handbag and other curated products.

These women don’t need to continue living without hope or dignity by remaining caught in human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Instead, with your support, they can experience physical rescue from dangerous situations, redemption by the Gospel and discipleship, love and belonging through safe communities, and restoration to a life of dignity and healthy relationships.

Help restore lives by giving generously or purchasing a handbag today!
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