Rosita's Story

Date: December 28, 2023
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Your generous support helped transform the lives of many ladies like Rosita*. Rosita and her mother were refugees who fled Venezuela due to extreme economic hardships and safety risks. They traveled through Colombia to Chile, then returned to Colombia and settled in Bogota. Rosita’s mother began working as a prostitute in a red-light district as a desperate way to make ends meet. Rosita hated the life they were forced to live and hated to see her mother engaged in such a shameful and degrading trade. Worse, Rosita knew that the same future awaited her. She saw no way out of the red-light district and knew that it would only be a short time before she would need to start taking customers of her own. Rosita slid into a deep depression and became suicidal because she had no hope for a future with dignity. When Rosita was 19 years-old, her mother found our sewing program at Conviventia and enrolled her daughter. She saw it as a beacon of hope in the midst of darkness. When Rosita came to her first class at Conviventia, she wouldn’t make eye-contact or speak to anyone. It was unclear if she would be able to be successful in the program. She continued to faithfully attend, however, and as she learned to sew and heard the truth of the Gospel, of a God who loves her so lavishly He gave Himself so she could be pure and blameless, Rosita began to heal. She began to speak and interact with her classmates. She became a compassionate helper for her teacher and actually began ministering to the wounds of her classmates. An incredibly bright and talented young lady emerged from her tomb of darkness. Rosita graduated with honors in August 2023, full of joy and hope. In November, Rosita and her mother were baptized together. Thank you for rescuing Rosita, and so many other ladies like her, from bondage and darkness, for enabling them to hear the redemptive message of the gospel, and for restoring them to a life of hope and joy.

*Name changed for security

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