Camila's Story

Date: August 12, 2019
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My name is Camila, and I'm in my 30s. I live with my 2 young children, and my elderly father.

It’s important to me to start my day at 5:00am in order to be able to make breakfast, and also leave lunch partially prepared for my family. I have to be at class at 8am, finish class at 1pm, and rush home to finish making lunch. In the afternoons I usually have doctor’s appointments, I sell my bags, or I go recycle so I can come home at night and leave everything organized for the following day, and then repeat my daily routine.

Before joining the training program, I would spend all day working on whatever job I was able to, fighting to get by as it’s very difficult to find a job in my country. In those times, I didn’t have any goals because I was only working to survive.

I didn’t have any goals - I was just surviving. I worked very hard to make rent and supply the basics for my home. This educational project has been very impactful. It has significantly improved my life now that I have knowledge and skills, and I can leave behind needing to use my body as a work tool. Instead I can get the income I need to succeed by using my hands and my brain which hold incredible potential for design and fashion.

I currently have both short term and long term goals to have the quality of life I deserve. This year I’m thankful for growing in the value of tolerance, as it is a daily challenge. Additionally I know I have a lot of skills, such as learning and teaching the beautiful art that is making clothes. I’m patient and have the will to succeed.

They’ve helped me a lot in terms of personal development. I learned to love myself more, to value myself more as the beautiful woman that I am, and to know that I mean so much to God and to others, because I’m a courageous and resilient woman. I love everything I’ve learned in this beautiful place. It’s incredible to access all of the knowledge and resources at Conviventia's Technical Training Center, as they have provided everything I’ve needed to learn and given me the best tools and support. When I enter this institution, I forget about all of the problems happening out on the street and I focus more on what my future holds and all the skills, values, and knowledge I’ve acquired. I love the leadership, patience, and perseverance that everybody at this organization has with us, in hiring such an excellent teacher that leads with so much love and has helped us leave behind our fears of not being able to succeed in this harsh society.

In the future, I hope to have my own small business, creating beautiful dresses for women and girls, where I can keep creating unique and innovative designs. For me, it would be fundamental to buy all of my machines and tools, especially to be able to train other courageous women in this beautiful profession.

I thank you and Hilltop of Hope for the beautiful work that you’re doing, blessing others. This kindness, this support in helping us succeed in this process, which we start and finish in the name of Jesus, has changed my way of thinking for good. I pray and hope you will continue to support us until we receive our certification.

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