Alejandra's Story

Date: December 1, 2020
Est. Reading: 2 minutes

My name is Alejandra. I’m in my 30s, and I receive technical training in clothes design and manufacturing. My greatest wish is to finish my training and turn this into a stable income.

At Conviventia they have helped me a lot, the instructor is so patient and dedicated. I dream of having my own income and my own tools.

I live with my eldest son, and we’ve experienced different problems in my home due to my son’s problem with overconsumption of alcohol.

I’m constantly worried because sometimes I can go all night without hearing from him and I worry something bad will happen to him. I suffer from my blood pressure and can’t handle strong emotions; if a situation is too much I immediately have to go to the hospital. I wake up very early, make coffee, get dressed for the day and leave some lunch prepared for my son. Then, I go to Conviventia’s clothes manufacturing class from 8am until 12pm, I get home at 3pm and rest, then have some lunch.

Before joining Conviventia’s project I felt very sad, I had a lot of issues with my son, and I lost my mom not long ago. Today I’m doing much better. I don’t feel my mother’s loss as heavily, Conviventia has provided me with a lot of spiritual support and my technical training motivates me a lot. Going to class is the highlight of my day. My health has gotten significantly better, as has my spiritual health. I’m much more calm. I learned to defend myself with my work and my studies. I know how to do this and don’t need to beg others for help anymore. I learned to value myself and to have faith, to study hard to succeed and to fight for my dreams. To be patient, and to work for myself.

I hope to work and put into practice all that I have learned at Conviventia, to have my own machines and design and create clothes for girls, to have my own income and economic stability, and to support my son in his recovery from alcohol addiction.

Thank you Conviventia and Hilltop of Hope for believing in us and for helping us with our education and training. Thank you for your kindness.

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