I was born in a poor, small village. My family arranged a marriage for me when I was just 10 years old. I wanted to do my part to help my family, but I was terrified to be married at such a young age. Bewildered by my circumstances, my childhood devastated, I did my best to please my husband despite my young age and inexperience. My husband, however, was an angry and violent man. When I became pregnant with my first child, I hoped giving my husband a son would earn his favor. Alas, the child was a girl, and enraged, my husband threw me out.

I desperately tried to provide for my newborn daughter, but without work, food was impossible to come by. One day, a woman came to me and offered me a job making clothing. Overjoyed, I was certain my deliverance from ruin had come at last. I accepted the job but was surprised to find myself transported nearly 2,000 kilometers away.

The next thing I knew, I was sold into prostitution. Lost, confused, and unable to speak the local language, I was sold again and again, trapped in slavery. Without any formal education or training in useful skills, I was utterly without hope and unable to break free of my chains. Finally, by the grace of God, I was connected with the Hilltop of Hope ministry. Now I am learning to sew and make bags so that I can earn a dignified income to support myself and my three children. I am also learning about the love of a Savior who gave up His life so that I could find hope both in this life and in eternity.

These are the miraculous stories of two brothel madams who have been saved by the love of Christ.

Maya was brought to the red-light districts at around age 11, before the age of puberty. Although she did not want to be there, she was forced to stay in the brothel. One day, she met a man who fed her dreams of a better future if she married him. However, six months into their marriage, her husband sold her back into the brothel where she was forced to become a madam, responsible for procuring girls from Bangladesh and other places.

After she heard the Gospel, it took her 10 years to finally accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She became a part of the Hilltop of Hope community, where she was baptized.

Padma, now 55 years old, worked as a madam for 25 years. When she heard the Good News of Jesus, she forsake prostitution and started making a living doing odd jobs as a daily wage worker for 10 years. During the COVID pandemic, she was offered 1 lakh ( equivalent of $120,000 USD) multiple times to continue as a madam during this time of crisis, however she declined and overcame this great temptation. Even though she was out of the red-light district, she still faced judgment from the church she attended. However, when she came to Hilltop of Hope, she discovered her true identity as the beloved daughter of the Most High God, who covered her in grace.

These two worthy women received baptism with a deep desire to live a holy life. Let us continue praying for them for we know the battle that lies ahead.

The Hilltop of Hope team met Sancha while sharing the Gospel. She is half paralyzed, and her hands don't work properly. Because of that, her parents were afraid no one would marry her and had her married at age 16 to an older man who was about 45 years old.

Today she has a 13 year old daughter, and her husband is elderly. She is the only one who can provide income for the family and says that she has to sell her own body for money. However, she has accepted Christ and believes that God will surely open the doors for her and her daughter. Please keep Sancha and her daughter in your prayers. She wants her daughter to live a better life - one where she can earn money with dignity, love deeply and laugh with friends.

At age 15, I was married off to a man I didn't know. Soon, my baby daughter brought me much joy, until a disease took her life away 10 months later. My husband left me for another woman, and I was alone and disgraced. I started working as a maid, but the wages I received could barely keep women like me going - the pimps made sure of it.

When I was 24, I was convinced that selling my body certainly couldn't be worse than starving to death, but I was wrong. Life in a brothel kept my body fed, but my spirit withered as the years passed. Eventually, a kind construction worker paid off my pimp and married me. I thought escape from prostitution would restore my dignity, but my guilt clung to me like a wet garment. I was broken inside.

One day at the market I met Rencha, who used to work in the red-light district. This former prostitute told me about Jesus, the God who could remove my sin and shame. She took me to Hilltop of Hope, where I am learning how to read, to sew, and to walk daily with Jesus my Savior. My sisters in Christ at Hilltop of Hope care for my new infant son, while I sew bags and share Jesus with women who remain enslaved in sex trafficking.

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