Our Story

Hilltop of Hope is a social enterprise created by Sugar Creek members to restore the lives of women and children rescued from a major red-light district in South Asia .  The Gospel sets the women free, and they are immediately part of the restorative community-the church of Hilltop of Hope where they are loved unconditionally, and empowered with the trade and skills to live a new way of life.  These women not only learn how to make the Hilltop of Hope bags but go back into the red-light district with the Gospel to rescue others.  Since this ministry began in May 2018, we have seen 35 women baptized.

Hilltop of Hope has two operation centers: the red-light district of this major South Asia city where women and children are rescued and restored from this evil giant of human-trafficking, and Nepal where bi-vocational church planters are empowered to “return the daughters of Nepal”.  Over 15,000 girls a year are trafficked from Nepal into this major red-light district in South Asia . The crafters at Hilltop of Hope- Nepal provide valuable training for the rescued women in South Asia, have a sustainable source of income to support their ministry and families, and  they tithe 15+% of their earning to the Gospel ministry focused on preventing the Nepalese girls from being slaves in the brothels of South Asia. 

In Hilltop of Hope USA operations, many people are becoming Sales Amabassadors and spreading the story! Every dollar from the purchase of a Hilltop of Hope bag is poured back into this ministry. Every bag has a powerful story of a restored life. Purchase a bag, share the story, become part of this restoration ministry.

Hilltop of Hope...more than a handbag...a restored life!